Property Viewings – Making a good choice

The viewing process can commence, once you have looked into your finances, and assessed your budget, and decided on properties that may interest you. It is considered one of the most exciting times in your life, choosing a new home for you and your family’s future. Don’t get carried away with emotion and excitement. You need to keep a level head, treating viewings calmly, considering all aspects, with a financial plan in mind. Buying a property, is an emotional process, filled with highs and lows. Prioritising ideas, of what you really want and can afford in a property is essential. Without doing your homework, so to speak is a recipe for disaster. We have produced simple steps as a guide, to help you find a property, that is both practical and meets all your needs.

Research your property, before you view

The more information, you can obtain about your forthcoming properties you will be viewing, the better. To have some knowledge, about the property before you view it, and step over the threshold, is useful to have at hand.The majority of this information, should be provided by estate agents, but by endeavouring to do a little research of your own, for instance checking house prices in the area, local crime statistics, and the performance of schools in the area. With this information, you will be able to prepare questions to ask, when you meet the vendor. Drawing up a list of ‘must haves’ can define what type of property you are searching for. Included in the list are factors, such as room dimensions, off street parking, number of bedrooms and double glazing. Unless, you have decided to renew your furnishings when you move, it is a wise move to measure your furniture in advance, and check it will fit into your new house comfortably. Don’t buy a property on impulse, or on a whim. Check and research carefully, to confirm that it is the property for you.

Have no regrets, be thorough

During a viewing, it is critical, to ask as many questions, and gather as much information from the vendor. The person, who is selling the house will be eager to answer all questions, hoping for a quick sale, and good price for their property. It is a good idea, to take a friend or relative with you, when viewing. they will afford a second opinion, and a springboard to help with house buying decisions. Don’t have a rushed viewing, take time, look around and explore each room, ticking off your ‘must haves’ list as you journey through the house. Internet property site has produced a viewings check list, so that no factor is forgotten or missed out, while you are inside the property.

Checking the exterior

Some people, are so involved with the interior of a property, and how it looks, they forget to even take a cursory glance outside, at the exterior of the property. There could be indications of structural integrity. Check out other properties in the street, how does the property you are viewing compare? Arrive early, to suss out the following factors at the exterior and surrounding area.

  1. Windows – Look at the frames, look out for mould, wear and tear. make sure, double glazing is up to scratch, check the seals are in good condition.
  2. Walls – How is the paintwork? is it well maintained? Check for cracks in the brickwork and signs of movement in the property.
  3. Parking facilities – Off street parking is essential. Check this out. Check the garage, or driveway
  4. The Roof – Check for slates, or tiles that are missing. water streaks, mould and poor maintenance. Gutters, need attention, making sure they are free from vegetation, and in a good state of repair.

The Inside of the property – What to look for

Buying a new home, is a financial and emotional roller coaster, and huge commitment. Use viewing time, to check all the property’s features, taking a mental note and using your check list. Take as long as you want, and if you like the property, don’t be afraid to ask for a second viewing. Giving you extra time to contemplate and make a decision unhurriedly about the property.

It is essential, not only to focus on the aesthetic features of the property, but it is also essential to check for signs of disrepair.

  1. Is a modern fuse box in place
  2. Ask to run the taps in the home, in order to check water pressure.
  3. Are there any signs of damp on the walls? Are there any significant cracks, that could point to subsidence.
  4. Is a new boiler in place?and is it in a good state of repair?
  5. Are there any peculiar smells in the property? Dampness, mould and general decay, will be instantly recognisable. a property viewing guide, states that, if the owner permits, it is a good idea to take photos, during your viewing, to help you reach a decision, to choose a property that suits you best. If you have to choose between several properties, photos will aid and refresh your memory of them.If you don’t find a suitable property, you can temporarily rent a property, to give you time to search. Buying a new home, is not an easy task. You may be lucky, and find the house of your dreams quickly and without hassle.

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